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A Decade's Amazing Hunt Of Classic Vinyl Cover Locations

Vinyl records came into existence and were popular during the classic era of music in the world. Many people had a lot of quality music to listen to while it influenced almost every artist who introduced modern music genres. The records were big and took space to store them, when compared to storing thousands of songs on the lowest storage SD chip in the present. Even if they were big, people collected them and put them on display with great enthusiasm.

People who love music still consider vinyl record collecting a classic hobby. Photographer Alex Bartsch is such a person. He loves reggae music. Bartsch being a music lover himself made him collect vinyl records. As he plays the records, he has often wondered about their covers. Unlike the modern day, the classic vinyl records did not have a digitized background. Most of them were simple pictures with some text on the foreground.

He collected a set of vinyl covers and decided that he will go on a treasure hunt to find the original locations of the vinyl record covers. After a 10 year search by travelling, Bartsch found a lot of original locations of vinyl covers that were produced between 1967 to 1987.

He then placed the cover in the picture he took, so the cover coincides with the location to prove that it certainly is the location. But due to modernization and urbanization, a lot of these locations have been renovated, destroyed or changed over the course of time. Bartsch did find a good amount of the locations that he set out to find. The creativity and the dedication to find these places with his genuine love for the music brought him, the photos and his story  a lot of attention.

He has released a photobook which consists of every location that he found. We have listed some of his photos below for you. Scroll down and check out these amazing pictures while you can upvote your favorite to the top. Do not forget to drop down your thoughts in the comments sections as you scroll through this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Alex Bartsch | Book