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A Design For The World’s Tallest Tower Which Also Consumes Carbon

This tower is designed to be placed in non-other than the New York’s Roosevelt Island. Placed in one of the busiest cities in the world, Rescubika who designed this project presents the fact this might be the vision of an Urban Future while seeking a solution to minimize the carbon footprint. This abstract looking building is named as ‘ Mandragore’.

The shape of it and many design factors are good examples for ‘Biomimicry’. It means absorbing elements of nature to fuse them into made products to mimic living organisms which pursues ‘green-goals’.More info and Photo courtesy: RescubikaFacebook | Instagram

#1. Mandragore’s objective is to become a carbon sink.

Modern establishments follow steps to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth. Carbon neutral becomes achievable when a specific project consumes its own carbon emission. The ‘Mandragore’ has been design to take a step further more, making it a ‘Carbon sink’ to consume its own carbon emission and also to consume the carbon in its neighboring environment.

#2. Concept picture of the proposed project.

#3. It is proposed to have 160 floors which are abundant with greenery.

#4. New York City plans to become an eco-friendly city by 2050.

#5. This will be a sight to see.

#6. A spearhead in global eco-infrastructure.


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