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A Fairy Tale Photo Story By This Russian Photographer

Fashion and photography have always gone hand in hand. Both of these elements are mediums of visual art and together, they create some of the most amazing creations. This article brings you an amazing collection of photos that are captured by a very creative Russian photographer.

Meet Kristina Makeeva , she has always been a dreamer about a fairy tale life since she grew up in a pretty bleak location in Russia. One of her main purposes in creating art out of photography was to create scenes of the fairy tale worlds that she would always dream of. This photo collection was shot mostly out in Siberia, where she was able to capture the eerie colors of Nature, blended with amazing dresses her models wear to create a perfect scene of a dream world.

The dresses would always have a very long and pretty feathering that will flow across the photograph. The scenes are very well thought and they contain a very beautiful color play that extends from the model’s dress to the background. Her talent and creativity are seen in her work as you can see and feel the ‘magic’ in each of her photos.

As she explained her work to My Modern Met, the photographer made a special point to say that her photographs get a lot of positive feedback from people. They thank her for creating happiness in them with her ‘magical’ scenes that sometimes help people with creativity and even in battles with depression. This statement right here clearly exhibits the power of art and its capabilities. Art is not merely an act of recreation, it truly sparkles the ‘magic’ on everyone who comes across it.

We have created a list of scenes of Kristina’s magical world she has captured on her camera. Scroll down to check them out and rank your favorites by upvoting on them. You are most welcome to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kristina Makeeva | 500px | Facebook | Instagram


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