A Gentle Couple Of Gay Penguins Hatch Their Second Egg

The animal world can be surprising. Meet Magic & Sphen, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium‘s own gay Penguin couple. It might sound odd, but these two are story makers at this Zoo. The staff first recognized these two tagging along together and trying to hatch a rock instead of an egg in 2018. So, they decided to give them the responsibility of a real egg for the first time in their lives. These two did and excellent job and raised a wonderful foster child.

The time was right for their foster child to study about their lives by themselves. So, the staff decided that Magic & Sphen was ready for the second time. These two penguins recieves a lot of praising and feedback from a number of LGBTQ communities. Some people might be confused by the mere description of hormo-sexuality shared among these two, while experts say that the animal world does have same-sex coupling all the time and its natural. Please check out the amazing couple and please do leave your thoughts with us in the comments sections below!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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