A Husky Saves And Fosters Abandoned Kittens

Love is found everywhere in the world in different sorts of forms, this is a story of love as such. Meet Banner a 3 year old service dog with a heart full of love. She has been the loyal service dog of Whitney Braley. Both of them shared a wonderful life, being there for each other in different points in life.

Banner is trained to attend anxiety attacks, PTSDs and all sorts of distress that Whitney Braley had to face. She is a good girl, serving her best to her hooman!

More info & Photo courtesy: Banner’s Instagram.



She has saved Whitney’s life multiple times when she had it rough medically and mentally. Banner was the rock in her life, but little did she know that her service dog’s heart was even bigger. One day Banner came in rushing from the woods and guided Whitney along the woods to find a closed cardboard box with new born kittens inside.



Someone has left these new born kittens in the woods, so that they might die with time. Banner wanted to save these kittens and she alongside Whitney, brought the kittens home.



The kittens were new born and haven’t even opened their eyes yet. They were too cold and weak to meow or to move around. Even though banner was spayed, she became a foster mother in no time.




She made sure the kittens were safe, warm and fed by Whitney. Banner was such a compassionate dog that she now had many to look after, but she did everything with love. She is now a best friend and a good mother.



Whitney did not want to give the kids away to the local shelters since she did not trust any local authorities since she was very worried about the kittens, because the way she found them. So, she and Banner are fostering them until they found these kittens find forever homes.







Written by Alex Bradley

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