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A Photo Collection Of Adorable & Funny Stray Cats In Japan

Cats are one of the most loved and common pets in the world. As much as there are pets, there are strays as well. Other than the wildcats and other wild species of cats, domestic cats are not found in the jungle. The cats who do not have homes wander around towns and cities as strays.

Even though being stray is a very bad lifestyle for animals. Japanese stray cats have it much better than the cats in the rest of the world. The Japanese culture is a very cat-friendly one. So even if the cats end up being stray they have very little to worry about.

Japanese stray cats get fed with fresh fish, almost everyone loves cats and since Japan is a very clean country, these cats have almost nothing challenging their lifestyles. This human and cat mutual friendship is very adorable to look at. As much as people like to spend time with their pets, these Japanese stray cats too get the public company where ever they are.

Meet Masayuki Oki a Japanese cat and photography, enthusiast. He loves photography as much as he loves cats. So, this is his hobby, he walks around the streets to spot and capture these adorable creatures in their most peculiar manner, on his camera. With a huge follower base on Instagram, his work is loved by many Japanese people as well as other people all around the world.

He loves to capture the habits, cuteness, and emotions of these cats and show them to the world, hoping that everyone who views his photos will love cats just a bit more. He said to Bored Panda that he captures these photos to “heal” people by the adorable ways of cats. We have listed down some of his amazing pictures of these cute street cats. Scroll down and check them out. You can also vote your favorite picks to the top by upvoting. Please feel free to share your ideas about this in the comments sections.

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