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A Photographer Age-Maps To Compare People Decades Apart To A Single Mind Blowing Photo

Do you remember how you looked when you were 5 if photos did not exist? Most of us have no idea how we looked in the past. But technology helps us to document and store these moments without letting it fade away as a memory. And this photographer uses it to create a very touching creation which connected people to their childhood self.

He is Bobby Neel Adams. A very talented photographer who took on a very special project named AgeMaps. This project requires two pictures of the same person, one a childhood picture and the other at their current age. Adams skillfully captures the present day picture to be compatible with their younger picture, since that is how he performs his magic.

By using photo manipulation skills of Photoshop, he puts these two separate pictures into one by merging them. This merging looks as if he created some single person because even if they are decades apart, their facial features still align.

Adams expresses his ideas in making this project. He uses the gift of photography and technology to create a timeline of our lives and connect them together to make a meaningful creation. Unlike looking at pictures separately, these pictures expressively show us the features that remained unchanged in a person and also the ways that someone grew up to be. It is very interesting and emotional to have meaningful flashbacks of life as we experience it. It really makes us feel the life that he has lived and keeps living.

Follow Adams for more of this creative work on his website. Also scroll down to check out this set of pictures that are created for the AgeMaps project. Please share your comments with us on how you feel about this wonderful photo manipulation.

More info & Photo courtesy: Bobby Neel Adams


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