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A Photoshoot With Men Who Are Not Bound By Gender Norms

Social norms have governed human behavior for a long period of time. There were norms such as hair length, where somewhere down the line of time, the society made up a norm where males should have short hair and women should have long hair. This was a standard that is now being broken in society but it still applies in the professional sector.

Thing such as the aforementioned still lingers in the society, where humans are restricted for no reason. There has been a lot of psychological dilemmas which have affected the person, their families, and the society around them for decades but still were not accepted as issues since the social norms were abided by.

To challenge the social norms that are present in modern society, Israeli photographer Nir Arieli has done this out-of-the-box photoshoot where his subjects; males, posed to present their feminine side and sides that they were forced to suppress by society. These emotions and ‘being themselves’ have been suppressed by society for so long that even today, men are not supposed to show their emotions in certain communities.

These vulnerable and ‘soft’ posing are very skilfully captured by Arieli on his lens. This set of pictures have sent a shock across the internet as soon as they were uploaded. Modern social norms were extremely challenged by these pictures and there are discussions raised among the online community. It is now the time to discuss if we want these norms to remain and what betterment would it do than the suppression it already does.

Scroll down to check out the amazing photoshoot done by Nir Arieli. You can follow the links mentioned below for more details. Please leave your thoughts with us in the comments sections below.

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