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A Realistic Photoshoot Of Dolls In A Way That Have Never Seen Before In 16 Photos

Dolls are a very common type of toy which are present in every household at a certain point of time all over the world. You might have played with dolls no matter if you are male or female. Even though our minds make them real and place them in realistic situations using our imagination, they were eventually seen just as toys when you grew up.

But Anastasia from Ukraine did not leave the dolls to be limited to her childhood. She uses the general type of ball-jointed, plastic made dolls. She builds and sells realistic dolls for all ages. These dolls are not the typical ones that you see everywhere. She custom designs the dolls including their clothes, facial features, hair and even their hands in a way that they can be posed in realistic poses.

This very creative and talented artist has her custom built dolls up for sale on Eslyn’s Dolls. She has made herself and her gorgeous products popular by posting her products on her Instagram account. If you want to give your loved one’s something special, uncommon and truly amazing, this might be it. You can dress them, make their hair and change your doll to almost have a real person within the options provided.

Anastasia did a photoshoot to promote her dolls and this photoshoot made a discussion among the people who came across this post since the dolls look so real! Scroll down to check it out yourself. You might want to go back to playing with dolls after you see these awesome set of dolls! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments sections below!

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