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A Set Of Eye-Pleasing Photos Of Orcas In A Golden Sunset

Anybody loves to spend an evening watching the sun set into the sea with its golden glow bursting off of the horizon. In photography, it is known as the golden hours which is perfect for any outdoor photography event.

This talented photographer; Mary Parkhill who has left her former job in advertising to pursue her hobby as a job, has done a set of breathtaking photoshoots. She usually spends her time in Alaska, doing her shoots in this golden hour. The specialty about her sunset pictures is that she incorporates Orcas or better known Killer whales into her pictures as well.

She genuinely enjoys the habitual behavior of these majestic hunters in the ocean. They built, color and the playfulness have attracted Parkhill to include them in her photos as well. She used the positioning of these whales and the sun in the background to create aesthetically pleasing composition in her pictures.

As she posted these pictures on her website and her social media accounts, she has attracted many people on the internet by her talent. They visit, view and share her work, spreading her popularity across multiple social media platforms.

If you are interested in viewing more of these pictures, Parkhill has a lot of collections which she has captured on her evenings on Alaska beaches. She has some of them up for sale on her website if you are interested in buying them. We have listed some of her mind blowing photos of an Alaskan sunset with Orcas playing in the sea. Scroll down to check it out and do not forget to comment down your ideas and thoughts about it while you scroll through the list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mary Parkhill | Facebook | Instagram


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