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A Set Of Reddit Posts Of Some Beautiful Antiques That People Own

People love to buy brand new things. To open the packaging and smell that freshness. But almost every one of us prefers to have an antique item over a brand new item. Why? Well there are some reasons for it. Antiques are very old things that are not very common to be found these days, they are expensive and they have a lot of sentimental value.

So, some reddit users who have the same taste in Antiques gathered around the subreddit of  r/Antiques subreddit where they post and share stories of their prized possessions. To be clear Antique items are called by that name for a reason, to be an antique it should be at least a century old (100 years). If they are not older or at least 100 years old, they are categorized as Vintage items.

There are many people who collect, sell and also hunt for antique items. Sometimes, people might think it’s the value in price that drives the price of an antique item, it is not. The value of a specific item is decided on how old it is, whom or what was it related to and also what sentimental value it carried. It can be a vehicle, jewelry, clothing, music, accessories or even pieces of paper if they are old enough.

Since we have clarified the terms, we thought of collecting you some of the posts the reddit users have posted on the subreddit. You can have a look at them if you scroll down the list below. You can upvote and rank your favorite items to the top while sharing your thoughts about this list in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy:  r/Antiques subreddit


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