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A Swedish Photographer Captures A White Moose On His Camera

This is yet another wonderful encounter of a Swedish Photogrpaher Roger Brendhagen. He usually explores the wilderness of the Swedish woods and captures wonderful sightings meantime. He is a Nikon ambassador and he is passionate about documenting about animals who are rare or endangered species who needs the world’s attention for their safety.

Roger encountered a huge, beautiful White Moose in the Swedish woods. Many confuse this phenomenon as albinism but this is a completely different case, this Moose has the genetic condition ‘Piebaldism’. These sort of Moose are reported in Swedish and Canadian forests while they are protected by the wildlife authorities.More info & Photo courtesy: Roger Brendhagen | Instagram | Facebook






Roger mentioned another species of animals he is concerned about; the Arctic Foxes. they are now on the Norway’s endangered list and now even rare to spot one. He finds his purpose in his career since he is passionate about wildlife conservation.


His Passion carries him to places truly amazing!



He is very sad about the fact that the oceans are being heavily polluted. Seagulls and other birds who nest beside the ocean tend to use a lot of garbage to build their nests. These nests can turn into their own graveyard since most of the time their feet get stuck in nets and other materials. It is a very sad sight when you observe that these birds use garbage to build their nests all along the coast line.




#12. Roger Brendhagen


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