A Woman Adopts Her Late Friend's Daughters

This is an emotional story of two very best friends. Liz Diamond were the best friend with Laura Ruffino since school. But Unfortunately, Liz was diagnosed with brain cancer in  2014 and sadly, she passed away. As much as the departure was saddening, Laura was worried about her friend’s 4 daughters who were now helpless.

Without wasting anytime, Laura took in all the 4 children into her family, all her family members loved the fact that their family just doubled in size! The YouCaring campaign in New York is raising financial aid for Laura to manage the family. Nevertheless this is the magic of people getting together to support humanity. Laura’s extended family is one happy bunch and her friend will be happy since she has one of the truest friends. Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Pawsplanet


Written by Alex Bradley

Reading, creative writing, poetry writing, language learning and grappling with literature have been my passions since I was young. Keen interest in cinematography and music feilds. Completed my Ordinary and Advanced levels in languages stream successfully. I have taken part in European Union missions in Sri Lanka. I have also completed my certificate courses in programming. And also a student and working in Tourism and Hotelling. Apart from writing, i am a vocalist and environmentalist.

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