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This Photographer Captures Adorable Photos Of Dogs – 70 Pics

If you ask random people who they think are the most wholesome creatures on Earth, it is pretty sure that the name ‘dog’ will come up pretty often. It is because they really are adorable and wholesome. That is the reason that dogs have been by the side of people all along with human history and are still up to date.

This adorableness captured the heart of the photographer, Omica Meinen who is on Instagram as Omica Photography. This journey of this photographer started by photographing her own dog at home. This skillful photographer from the Netherlands. Starting around 2 years ago, Omica is now a well-known pet photographer who has a fair amount of awesome Doggo photos!

Omica loves to capture these adorable creatures since they are all about love, playfulness, cuteness, and everything that’s positive. This love for dogs crawled into the heart of this photographer when Omica got her first dog. She started taking a lot of pictures of the dog which made an interest to photograph other dogs as well.

We see a lot of modern photographers do a lot of photoshoots with dogs, but Omica refuses to take pictures of dogs in artificial environments and in studios. She mentioned on Bored Panda that she prefers to capture dogs having a relaxed and comfortable time in nature. This allows the doggo-models to be themselves and have fun. Setting her shutter speed to capture these cute animals who run around, Omica has captured a set of heart-melting photos of dogs.

We thought of sharing a bunch of Omica’s awesome photos under this article as well. Scroll down to check them out and you can rank your favorite doggy photos to the top by upvoting. Do not forget to share your thoughts about this collection of adorable photos in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Omica Photography