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An African Inspired Series Of Colorful Mosaic Portraits

Mosiac art is made with a collection of blocks that has specific color in a block and those blocks together create a composition that will result in a picture in general. That is the most basic state of a mosaic. But people can use different ways and styles to create other sorts of mosaics as well.

This article is about an awesome artist who does ‘mosaic’ portrait art which is inspired by African culture. That specific artist is Charis Tsevis, he is from Greece and he got the African culture inspiration on his visits to Africa in person. The cultural aspects such as fabrics, embroidery, and colors made him choose the patterned blocks with their specific color palette. The Mosiac inspiration itself was inspired to him with the bricks and their shades, which were used in the African houses and other structures.

These beautiful cultural influences made Charis create very colorful and artistic creations. He uses celebrities, politicians, musicians, and other famous people as his subjects in his art and everything fits like a glove. This series is called “African Bricks“, it was initially done and released in 2016, and the second release of the series was done this year.

This digital art collection is created after a very significant set of people who the artist appreciates for what they have done. The colors and the patterns play a part in the emotional expression of this artist towards the subject in his art.

We have collected some of his amazing art from the collection African Bricks in the second release. Scroll down to have a peek at these amazing creations and you can share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Charis Tsevis | Behance | Instagram | Facebook


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