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This Artist Uses AI To Create Photos Of Historical Portraits

Portraits have been around the world for a long time back even before the existence of photography. A lot of early paintings of important people have been done as portraits. They were the only vidual documentation that was done to understand what they looked like.

With the development of high-end technology, people can reach the heights of their creativity. This article is about an artist who used the power of Artificial Intelligence software to create concept portrait photos of these portraits paintings. Meet Nathan Shipley, this artist from San Francisco who uses AI technology to render amazing life-like photos. He has turned some of the world-famous portraits such as the Mona Lisa and the Benjamin Franklin portraits which were created way before photography was invented.

This artist expressed his ideas to My Modern Met saying that this Artificial Intelligence is a very elegant tool that can perform amazing tasks. This technology is truly amazing because it has developed very realistic photo portraits with features that aren’t even present in the original portraits. For example, the skin texture and wrinkles are not visible on the Benjamin Franklin portrait since it is on a 100 dollar bill, but it is very realistically rendered in the photo.

This artist has a background in animation and special FX, he has seen how AI has changed these industries and he is excited to see what could be achieved by using AI. These portrait recreations look so awesome, so we thought of sharing them in this article for you.

Scroll down to check Shipley’s work out and visit him using the links mentioned below for more. Share what you think about this set of photos below in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Nathan Shipley | Instagram | Twitter


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