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AI Creates Realistic Portrait Photos Of Historical Figures

The past did not have a very accurate documenting tool when it came to describing people’s appearance. They had parchments, inscriptions, paintings, and sculptures in contrast to the photo, video, and other digital documentation tools present in the modern world. So, we have no option but to analyze what we are given to come up with an idea of how they looked.

To create a totally different person is a hard task. So, this is the point that we should seek for technological enhancement. Using the revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence, the artist Hidrėlėy managed to create an amazing set of realistic photos of historically famous people.

From great rulers to historical artists, this artist has managed to create photos of how they would look in the present day. It is astonishing how technology is developed to a level that it can create something so complex and sensitive as a realistic human face. Artificial Intelligence is the result of decades of hard work by computer scientists in the process to create something self-guided. Now with the presence of AI people get to create amazing things and this series of photos created by Hidrėlėy is just one of an endless list of possibilities.

We came across this wonderful set of photos that Hidrėlėy shared on Bored Panda and found it really interesting. It is interesting that the sculptures and the paintings of certain historical figures might be weird in that form, but when it is transformed into a real face, now it is relatable.

To share this awesome set of AI-generated art, we shared this set of art below this article. You can scroll down to check them out. Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments sections below as you upvote your favorites to the top. Visit this talented artist for more of his cool work.

More info & Photo courtesy: Hidrėlėy


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