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Amazing ‘Abstract’ Tattoos On Skin By This British Artist

Shining internationally from London, England. This is a very talented tattoo artist. Meet Mowgli, a very popular tattooer in London. He has a style of tattooing that he is known for and that is the abstract style of tattooing. Even though the first thing that would pop into your mind is the classic abstract paintings, it is nothing like that.

His artwork has all sorts of designs and tattooing styles mixed up. You might get a face morphed with some geometric shapes, symbols, line work, and more to make it an aesthetically pleasing tattoo. When you think of putting everything together, you might think that it would look a bit messy at first thought. But this is where the artistry of this artist kicks in. He would design his stencil very aesthetic and clear. He designs and creates art in a way that most people would think twice about trying.

Working from the Through My Third Eye tattoo parlour, he has built a reputation for himself locally and internationally. He would obviously be an artist if choice if anyone visits London. The smooth and clear artwork followed up by crisp tattooing puts the money where his mouth at.

These abstract tattoos are one of the modern trends in tattooing that lets artists morph different elements and styles together rather than being stuck in one specific style. This made the artist create and give their clients very original and creative tattoos on their skin. His social media accounts are visited by a lot of people who loves to see the work that he uploads. Abstract art has a few rules while obviously being neat when designing. So, we decided that we should bring some of his work, listed below this article. Scroll down to check them out and comment on your ideas on these styles of tattooing.

More info & Photo courtesy: Mowgli | Facebook | Instagram


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