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This Japanese Artist Crafts Amazing Miniature Items -17 Pics

Japan is the home of a lot of amazing things, from its culture to its economy, art, and technology, Japan has proved to be an amazing country in the world. One of the most entertaining facts about Japan is that they create a lot of miniature things. Starting from the older days, they had the practice of bonsai and came up with modern-day miniature tech devices which are completely on the next level.

This article is about such an amazing miniature creation done by a talented artist. She is Kiyomi, introducing interior designing into the realm of dollhouses, she creates a huge variety of household items in a very realistic finish too. Usually, dollhouses are child’s play and the items that are used in them are not given enough attention to their details, but these sets of items have been made with extreme care to their original details even if they are in miniature scale.

While being a mother for her two children. this artist has to balance both her family and art life hand in hand. Waking early to create these miniature things from wire, paper, and perspex, she creates very eye-catching sets of miniature things. The style that she creates her dollhouse items is in the styles of 18th-century society. Apartments, bakeries, and other things found in society take part in these sets that she creates.

This set of items are created with focus and precision. With various sets of different scenarios such as a sewing room, a baker, and many more things along with their elements, Kiyomi has proven herself to be a very successful and realistic artist. A lot of people visit her website and social media accounts for closer looks at her work.

Scroll down to check out the pictures of these miniature creations that we shared below the article for you. Please let us know what you think about this artist in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kiyomi | Instagram


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