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Amazing Oil Paintings Of Places From All Over The World

Art has the ability to take you to places with aesthetic beauty. This article is about such collection of oil paintings that has incredible detail. Capturing the scenic landscapes of places all around the globe, this artist creates eye-catching oil paintings.

Meet Courtney Myers who is the artist behind this amazing art. She paints oil paintings based on the places where she falls in love with. She told My Modern Met has already painted places where she lives; the United States, where her family is from; Scotland, and also where her husband is from; Mexico. This is her main medium of ‘traveling’ the world by creating it first herself.

She has a huge Instagram following and sometimes she approves her followers’ requests as well. Her plan is to capture the feeling that a specific country radiates and resonates with her. Although she has started this ‘world tour’ of her painting 3 years ago, she plans to paint one landscape painting per country at the end.

Her art becomes special since she manages to capture the detail and the specific mood of the country and that specific landscape scene she paints. On her journey to travel the world, she connects a lot of people from different countries together as well. Her Instagram account and her Etsy account are being visited by many people who view and share her work.

This is what art is about, to transform an empty canvas into anything you want and connect with the world by it. We have collected some pictures of her oil paintings for you below. You can scroll down to check them out and share your thoughts with us in the comments sections. Please feel free to upvote your favorites to the top by upvoting.

More info & Photo courtesy: Courtney MyersEtsy


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