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Amazing Photos Of Dogs Posing In Mind-Blowing Landscapes

One of the most popular and commonly found trends in photography is the ‘travel photography’. This is mainly done by people who travel, photographers, and social media influencers. These pictures mainly consist of the subject standing in a photo that has a breath-taking landscape background.

Even though you have seen models, influencers, and travelers take these kinds of photos, you must agree that you have never seen dogs posing into stylish pictures as such. This article is about an adorable set of photos that are taken by the photographer Audrey Bellot who is a French photographer who specialized in taking pictures of dogs.

She explained to My Modern Met that she strongly believes that dogs bring happiness into the lives of anyone they come across. So, it is only fair to show them some love by capturing the elegant beauty of these amazing animals in a way that the world does not see them often.

You can see that she has taken very good care to make sure that these cute doggos are posing right to fit in the landscape and the photo which is taken. This combination of the breathtaking background and the cute foreground has produced a striking set of photographs that are loved by a lot of people all around the world as soon as they were uploaded to social media. 

They have gone viral, spreading some doggo love. So, we have decided to bring you some of these amazing photos and listed them down for you. You can proceed to scroll down and check them out. Vote your favorites to the top of this list while sharing your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Audrey Bellot | Instagram


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