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Amazing Photos Of Womanhood Through The Eye Of A Camera

Women are truly a beautiful element of creation. They are beautiful, powerful, and fearless people who make the most of whatever situation they are presented with. With everything that is wonderful about women, ‘womanhood’ is something that should be celebrated all around the world.

This Lebanese-American photographer celebrates womanhood in her latest photo series which is now a book; She. Meet Rania Matar, she is a photographer from the USA with a Middle-Eastern origin. Her project focus on women who are in their 20s. She meets, interviews, and photographs young women from America and her native country. This photo collection is based on young women, their stories, and how women all around the world have amazing stories of their own.

One of the biggest goals of her project was to break down the stereotypes that she herself faces when she identifies herself as a Middle-Eastern woman. She got her inspiration to document the beauty of growing up women through her own daughters. Even though the countries, traditions, and the stereotypes people have in their minds, women of every country are much more than their clothing, traditions, and everything that the world sees on the outside.

The models that she photographs in every country are constantly met and photographed as they grow and evolve through the years. Matar believes that it will become a very interesting journey to go on with these young women as they proceed with their lives. This is a very interesting and powerful photo collection that is also turned into a photo book. 

With all the positive feedback that this photographer has been receiving. We decided to list down some photos in her book below. Follow the links for more details and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Rania Matar | She


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