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Amazing Remakes Of Scenes From Movies You Know

Movies and TV series are things that everybody loves. People all around the world watch and be entertained by them. This is an amazing story about a couple who has used their imagination to recreate the scenes of their favorite movie or TV series.

These two are a German couple named Robin and Judith, more popularly known as Secret Famous Places. They do this amazing thing which inspires and entertains a lot of people all around the world. They search and go to the exact locations where their favorite movies and TV series were shot to recreate a scene by themselves. It may seem to be a bit too much for a regular person to travel the world just to get a picture, but these two are really interested in the entertainment and cinematic industries. 

This amazing project was imagined back in 2014, while they were still college students. But because of academics and financial issues, their project Secret Famous Places did not launch until 2018. Now they are capable of traveling and have a better knowledge of what they are doing. Having a follower base of over 45K followers on Instagram, this duo is becoming an identified couple for their project.

It is quite remarkable that their love for these pieces of entertainment make them travel the world. But that is what inspiration is all about. We have collected some pictures of their project for you to see as an appreciation for their project. Please scroll down to check them out and also upvote your favorite scene remake to the top. Let us know your thoughts by sharing them down in the comments.

More info & Photo courtesy: Secret Famous Places | YouTube


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