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Amazing Set Of 100+ Year Olds Get Their Past Vs Present Photos Put Together

Time waits for no man. Time is flowing in one direction and we can never get it back. But our memories of the past still live with us making us rejoice about the days and times we had in the past. The older we get, the more love we have for our past life and that time.

This is exactly what the photo series “Faces of Century” presents us. Put together by the photographer Jan Langer, this is a very interesting collection of photos that are captured in the Czech republic, getting 100 & 100+-year-olds to take part as subjects. Langer made sure to capture their portrait pictures of the present day, just like their portraits were taken back when they were younger.

The stories and experienced that every person possess is an amazing collection of unique memories. It is amazing how humans have their own, unique takes on even the same incident that they witness or taken part in. Thanks to Langer’s skill and creativity with the general technology of photography, these comparisons were made.

Photography is one amazing creation by humans that assists us to document the memories of the past by capturing and preserving the moment, visually. Amazing photographers such as Langer use this technology to create, document, and preserve these pictures in an artistic way. This is how you tell stories by using only photos.

Scroll down to check out some of the pictures that are captured by Langer. You can visit his website for more pictures of him. Please feel free to comment on your ideas and share them with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jan Langer


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