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Amazing Transformations Of This Talented Artist Into Pop Celebrities

Make up is an enhancement that is used to perfect the appearance of someone’s beauty and appearance. But the beauty industry has been developed to a level that appearances can be manipulated and transformed using make up as well. To be clear, prosthetics and makeup are two different avenues.

This talented makeup artist and blogger from China; He Yuhong, has been getting a lot of attention on social media for her talent. Her talent is to use cosmetics and other makeup products to transform herself into any pop star that she wishes to be. From Taylor Swift to Emilia Clarke and even Johnny Depp. She takes all sorts of appearances by using her skills of transformation. Manipulating her appearance by carefully creating new contours, facial textures and shades, she successfully turns herself into another person. Her Instagram account has a follower base exceeding 500K followers and her YouTube account is a very famous one for makeup transformations as well. She regularly posts her transformations and also videos of her transformation process for her fans to see. It is really amazing how one uses this art to strategically prepare and alter the face of a person to create a totally different one.

Yuhong has been mastering her talents in doing so. Her follower base keeps on growing as her work is viewed and shared all over the world. We have decided to bring you a collection of her transformation photos and also a video of the process that she has posted online. Do not forget to share your thoughts about this talented artist down in the comments section. Follow the links into her social media accounts for more information.

More info & Photo courtesy: He Yuhong | YouTube


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