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20+ Beautiful Photos Of The Amazing City Of Venice In Winter

Venice is a beautiful tourist attraction that is known all over the world. The architecture, the canals, and the entire Italian cultre can be experienced through this scenic hub. But the downsides for it is that, Venice can be packed with tourists during the season, everywhere you look, you will find hordes of tourists all over the city.

But a photographer seized a special chance by traveling to Venice during the off season, the Winter! Meet, Albert Dros he is the photographer who decided to visit Venice in the winter with his girlfriend. Even though it seemed like a bad idea, this decision treated Albert pretty well. He and his girlfriend got to enjoy some of the most diverse weather conditions of Venice while being unbothered by any crowd.

He explained on Bored Panda that you will get to enjoy the city in peace as you can watch the usual life happen on the streets and the back alleys are almost empty. You can get the feeling that the entire city is reserved for you to visit.

The photographer made this a chance to grab some eye catching photographs of this beautiful city when it is very calm and quiet. He had experienced a series of weather changes including, the dun, rain, fog, mist and everything in between.

The cafes and hotels are much cheaper than in the season and the accommodation can be negotiated at a bargain price! Although Albert visited Venice when everyone thought it was weird, he actually got a better trip in the city for a lower price and he got to experience a lot than he would, if he visits in the season.

We have collected some of this photographer’s pictures for you below. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about these photos.

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