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An Artist Draws Mind-Blowing Ink Art On Her Own Thighs

Art is such a wonderful medium to express oneself and to be applied as the artist wish in an aesthetic manner. Because of this wonderful ability to be free and create as they wish, art has accomplished many achievements and developments throughout the years of its history and even at present day.

This is about one such artist who is from Dubai. With her amazing skillset and creativity, she has made a very creative impact on social media with her practice of art. Meet Randa Haddadin who has proven herself to be a master at ink drawings. Most artists use paint on canvas, even if it is ink. But she stands out of the crowd since she uses a different sort of canvas.

Haddadin uses her own thighs to draw her art, using pens. Even though this relates to the art of tattooing, she prefers this form since it is editable and temporary. Her technical precision is really artistic and on point. She draws art of portraits, floral, patterns city views and so on.

This artist considers these drawings to be therapeutic. One of the most common questions she gets is that why isn’t she in tattooing with her amazing skill in body art. She explains that art is considered to be therapeutic and with this form of body art, she always has her canvas for any amount of art that she likes to do.

Even if this beautiful art goes away after she completes them. She makes sure to capture a picture of her art before she cleans her thigh away. Her Instagram account serves as a gallery for her to upload these pictures and it has been receiving a lot of people all around the world to admire her work. She has made a permanent statement to the world with her temporary body art, that she is indeed a master at this art.

We have collected a set of pictures of Haddadin for you below. You can scroll down to view these pictures and upvote your favorites to the top. Please feel free to drop down your thoughts in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Randa Haddadin | Instagram


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