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Adorable Photos On Twitter Of Animals Visiting Photographers

Photography is one of the world’s most practiced and loved hobbies. It is one of the most astounding technologies producing arrays of magnificent scenes of all sorts and styles. When we dive into the world of photography, the niche ‘wildlife photography’ is one of the most pursued niches in photography. But it is not an easy task to be a wildlife photographer.

This requires you to have a sound knowledge of technical skills in camera handling, an artistic eye, and also all about surviving the wild & animals. A photographer should be well aware of the location or the animal(s) that he/she tracks to capture. They should be aware of the other animals, weather, threats, and everything else out there in the wild. When you are in the bushes, with your camera, you should expect animals to approach you as well, it is their home and you are its visitor. Leaving out the scenarios where you are the prey to predators, animals can be quite charming with their approach.

So, to create a collection of those experiences and memories, Joaquim Campa created a Twitter thread that is now full of adorable wildlife photos. He called out to wildlife photographers to post their photos when they were approached by animals in the wild. The responses were just too cute.

So, we decided to collect some of these photos that were posted under that viral Tweet. Scroll down and you will find out that animals in common do not care about what you are doing. If you own a pet at your home, you will see that animals, no matter where in the world, act the same way. So, enjoy this list of photos, and make sure you leave a comment behind!

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