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Incredible Animeyed Photo Collection By A Hungarian Artist That You Should See

Flora Borsi is an artist from Budapest who has tried out a creative photo shoot she had in mind. It has been one of the creative photo shoots that have been added to the internet.

The reason for her collection of photos to stand out, is because of the fusion he has created between the model and the animal who is incorporated in the shot. This collection of photos earned its name as “Animeyed”, since the model and the animal in the photograph share a mutual eye which is the center of focus and the main element that the artist wanted to highlight by doing this collection of photos.

She has used many types of animals and prepared the models to be ready to share the frame with the specific animal. Even though all animals were not shot in studio, most of the collection’s pictures were shot in studio, alongside the model. The peculiar nature of this shoot made it get attention of the internet users on social media plat forms. They have been visiting Borsi’s social media accounts to witness this creative set of photos and her other talented work as well.  She exhibits her art work in exhibitions all around the world as she travels in search of newer inspirations.

Scroll down to check out the set of photos we have listed down for you and vote your favourite to the top. Do not forget to leave your ideas down in the comments sections below.

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