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This Artist Presents Some Hand Crafted Apple-Carving Art

Coming back with one of the artists who has been previously featured on our website for his amazing skill. But for those who do not this artist, his name is Kanat Nurtazin and he is from Kazakhstan. He is known to create carved art out of weird things, he carves, paper, dead & green leaves, and also apples!

This carving expert did his project right after graduating and it is called “100 methods of drawing”. In this, he presents his amazing ways to create art, in this, he used a lot of creative approaches to make art and also to incorporate the natural environment around him in enhancing his artwork. This article is also about a creation that he made. So, for this type of art, he carves apples. Even though apples are a very famous type of fruit in the world it is not really famous for being carved.

The red skin and the whitish flesh of the apple are two contrasting colors and Kanat uses this contrast to his advantage. Carving art out of the apple skin he creates a background and even the depth by using the apple’s flesh.

This artist kept on searching and finding new forms of art while he was waiting to be hired. Now he is hired as a Senior Manager at the Nazarbayev University and still continues his artwork to keep the artistic flame inside him alive. His work is so impressive that we had to share his work once again. If you haven’t found our earlier articles on this amazing artist, check them out here and here.

Scroll down to check out the set of creative apple carvings of Kanat below and upvote your favorite to the top of this list. You can leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments sections as you scroll down on this list.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kanat Nurtazin


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