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Artist Designs Art Based On The Culture Gaps In Her Life

We might be different from where we live, the language we speak, and by the color of our skin. But we all share one planet. With the evolving world, people have moved closer and closer. Modernization has made the world a smaller place to live in harmony with one another.

This closeness made it easier for people to travel, get to know each other, and go beyond borders. So now, more than ever before, we get to see interracial marriages and people moving all over the globe. It is truly amazing to see people live in harmony in these modern times. Even though people mix and move, they bring their own qualities with them. “Culture shock/gap” is what is experienced by a person when different cultures offer different practices than what you are used to.

This is very artistically and hilariously explained by a cool artist duo Milia and Matteo. They are from two parts of the world and are newly married! Milia is a pharmacist by profession and she is from Indonesia. Matteo is an illustrator from Italy. This happy couple got happily married only to be locked down by the current pandemic during their honeymoon.

Despite the boredom and health concerns that every single person had, it became a really nice time to bridge the cultural gaps that these two had. Even if some things had their differences, this couple has managed to handle it smoothly and also turn it into a series of awesome illustrated pictures!

Milia posted some of their awesome pictures on Bored Panda, so we thought of sharing some of them under this article for you to see. Scroll down to check out this amazing story of Milia and Matteo below, and we wish them a very happy life ahead!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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