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28 Amazing Photos Of Art On Dead Leaves Giving Them Life

Art is such an amazing and powerful thing that delivers emotions and expressions. It can be an inspiration out of anything for the artist and there are a huge number of art forms in this world to practice.

Among all these practices of art forms, this article focuses on a specific type of art that is very subtle but beautiful. Meet the artist behind this collection of art listed below; Kanat Nurtazin. He creates amazing artwork on dead leaves. Usually, artists use a canvas or paper to create art, but not him. He collects dead leaves on the ground and cuts very beautiful art into them.

When collecting leaves, his initial idea was to give the deal leaves a purpose and value to them since a dead leaf is usually considered as discarded garbage. But this artist gives them a second chance, a second life to these leaves. Attaching paper to the back of the leaf for extra support and strength, Kanat draws awesome designs which he will later cut out using a razor blade.

After the cutting is done, he presses the leaves so they can dry up completely without harming or deforming his art. Later, the artist holds them up to a perfect background to take a wonderful photo of his artwork. He has to find an awesome background because he uses the ‘negative space’ as his design. This means the design is the part in which Kanat takes off the leaf, leaving it see-through.

He explains on Bored Panda that this process of a single leaf-art piece can take about 2 weeks in time to get from the start to the end. So, if you think it is a very simple task, it is not. It requires artistry and patience as well.

Since we presented you with the news of this amazing artist, we would also like to present you with a collection of art, done by Kanat himself. You can scroll down to check his amazing work listed below. Upvote on your favorite picks to rank them on the top of this list. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Kanat Nurtazin


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