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Artist Crafts Tables To Look Like Animals Submerged In Water

Art can create anything if you have an amazing imagination and a skill set to make it a reality. And in this article, we prove that to you by bringing a set of amazing pieces of furniture that you might have never seen before. This artist truly stands up to his title as he crafts these by himself.

The astonishing creation that he does is that he creates wood and glass into a table, which looks like a submerged animal in the water. Yes, it might get confusing the first time you think about it. Bear with us, we got you a set of amazing sample photos or you right below. The mastermind behind this very creative furniture is  Derek Pearce. You might not believe this, but this person has been making these cool tables since the year of 1997!

His collection of these tables are known as the “Water Series”. He sculpts animals as the base of the table and uses the glass as the line at the water surface. A part of the sculptured animal bobs through the glass to give an illusion of the animal’s body breaking through the surface of the water.

Among all the types of fancy furniture in the market, these tables tend to stand out of the crowd since it brings a next-level aesthetic vibe into the space it is placed. We have collected a set of pictures that Pearce has posted on his website for you. You can scroll down and comment on your thoughts as you scroll through this list.

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