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Artist Creates Digitally Fused Celebrity Faces

Creativity is a never ending element and it can strike anyone at anytime in ways that they do not expect. This digital artist, @morphy_me (Benji) got an idea to fuse two faces of two celebrities to make one new face.

There are many apps that blends, ages and modifies faces in the modern times. But Benji prefers to use the manual method as he does with all his work. He uses photoshop to carefully merge every fitting into this fusing. He studies faces prior editing them, he uses the resemblance of faces to fuse them together, to make a believable face. After studying, he carefully merges the two faces manually without any automated tool. He needs to do his own editing manually each and every step. Creating brand new celebrity faces, Benji became a popular person on Instagram which supports his creativeness. Follow Benji on Instagram to see more of his awesome work. Scroll down to see some work collected by us and vote your favourite fused face to the top! Do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: @morphy_me


Written by Alex Bradley

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