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Artist Creates Her Own World On Her Own Hands Using Amazing Skills Of Art

Art and skill of art equips your imagination with a mechanism to transform it into an art form. The creativity can expand and reach every corner of your mind, but not in this case. This artist did not take a lot of space or matter for her type of artistry, in fact she shrunk it to a space with two or three fingers combined.

The artist responsible for all these beautiful and very thoughtful form of art is Golsa Goldchini. She lives in Milan but she is originally from Tehran. She continues to make miniature art using her own hand as a canvas. It take a high level of patience, planning as well as skill to create realistic micro scenes on your fingers. The style of art is even more hard when you try to compare it to any simple form of painting. This realistic art work requires precision and loyalty, but  Goldchini.

We have collected some of this talented art listed below for you. It is really impressive to use alternate canvases and execute a highly difficult style of painting in a very small space. So, please scroll down to check out what this artist has brought to the table. Please feel free to vote your favourite work  of art to the top and also share your ideas & thoughts with us in the comments section as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: golsa.golchin


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