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Artist Draws How Movies Characters Face Global Pollution

Global pollution and climate change are real. Even though many people and leaders of some countries pretend that there is no real damage, there is more and more damage done to the Earth every day.

Deforestation, pollution of all sorts, and unethical accumulation of natural resources are practiced at very high rates. And this has brought significant climate change to this world that everybody might be directly affected soon. Meet ‘The Baptman’, he is an illustrator. His real name is Baptiste Drausin. This French artist is an artist who learned the art by himself. He was always interested in movies, comics, and especially the DC universe.

He has put his passion and talent into something he was very sensitive about, climate change, pollution, and other malpractices done by people. Drausin has illustrated several characters from movies, cartoons, and comics in this series of art. In this series, he illustrates how each character would face negative, rather mortal effects of this malpractice.

His mode of expression becomes effective since these characters who he has illustrated are the ones that have a huge fanbase all over the world. Using characters of such demand makes it easier for the fans and all people, in general, to understand how bad are the effects of pollution.

Sending a message to the whole world, to make people aware that it is high time to give our attention, this artist uploaded this collection of illustrations. This series of art has been done artistically and delivers the message loud and clear. A lot of people have praised his artistry and the message embedded within.

Here are some of his illustrations that will get you instantly. These characters are bound with every person young or old. Scroll down to check them out and comment down your thoughts about this and climate change in the comments sections. You can rank your favorites to the top as well.

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Written by Alex Bradley

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