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Artist Illustrates Every-Day Olympics Of People In Tokyo

As everybody knows, in the times of the present pandemic. All major events have been canceled and the only event that was not canceled was the Olympic games. Originally it was planned to happen last year, but the given situation of the world did not allow it. But with the introduction of vaccines and other medical support, the Olympics were held this year (2021) in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Adrian Hogan who is a resident in Tokyo, the Olympics are not being limited to the stadiums and certainly not only during the Olympic games. What does that mean? This talented artist explains that he was inspired to create a series of illustrations by watching a shop owner in Tokyo lift up the store shutter in the morning. This reminded him of the weight-lifting event in the Olympics.

The more he thought about it, the more he saw events on a daily basis in Tokyo. So, this is when this series of illustrations came to life. These are truly amazing and creative illustrations done by Hogan to give the daily lives of people a different perspective.

The Olympics, being a trend in the world currently, gave his art more exposure. A lot of people have viewed and shared his art all across social media platforms. We thought of bringing some of his art to you as well. Scroll down to check the pictures listed below.

Comment what you think about this creative set of art and rank your favorites to the top. If you are creative enough to see it, every activity is a sport!

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