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Artist Illustrates Her Pregnancy Memories

Art can turn anything into something very memorable and loveable moments. This is exactly what Los Angeles based artist  did. Unlike the others who seek inspiration from the world or do their art form on requests, she illustrated memories of her own life. Meet Amanda Oleander, she documented her life when she was expecting her baby. To recollect one of her fondest memories, she turned her most memorable moments in that section of her life into illustrations, so she can present it to the world with a touch of her feelings in art form.

She wanted to have her memories documented through an art form other than being photographed. She believes that you are aware when you are being photographed and that would be a bit artificial than recollecting the moments by memory where they are completely raw and natural. She did this so she could treasure them in physical form for life, but she never expected them to grab so much attention in the cyber space. After she uploaded her art on her Instagram profile, followers flowed in to check her art out. This gained her popularity in the social media platforms and her work was more opened for the public than ever. This is because of the artistic touch she has to preserve memories in a very human touch to it. You can follow her social media platforms to check out her work and her life as well. Scroll down to check out the collection of art that made big on social media. Do not forget to drop a comment in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Amanda Oleander | Facebook | Instagram


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