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Digital Artist Morphs Celebrity Photos To Create New Faces

There are more than enough amount of photos of celebrities in the world. Paparazzi, fans, and almost every person who has the opportunity and the possibility will snap a photo of a celebrity. But a creative digital artist thought of something different that no one has considered.

Using photoshop to apply his photo manipulation skills, Benji who is known as @morphy_me on Instagram creates a totally new type of celebrity. This French digital artist morphs two faces of celebrities together, to create a new one. At first, you might think that these pictures might have looked weird when it is done being edited, but to everyone’s surprise, they turned out to look like perfectly normal human faces. You might not even be able to find out what feature is of which celebrity.

Benji has shown off his amazing skill through this collection of photo edits. This awesome skill in photo manipulation has earned him loads of followers and fans across multiple social media platforms. His photo edits are being loved and shared all over the world making his stance solid, in the world of digital art.

We thought of sharing some of his awesome edits where he morphs 2 faces of celebrities to create a brand new one. Scroll down to check them out and try to spot which feature comes from which celebrity as you keep scrolling down this list. You can also upvote your favorite edits to the top and share your thoughts in the comments sections as well. Follow Benji for more of his awesome digital art through the links mentioned below.

More info & Photo courtesy: morphy_me


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