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This Artist Partners Up With Bees To Create Amazing Art

Art pushes artists to cross the borders and to create something new. Creating something new doesn’t actually mean something that is 100% new from the elements used to the product as a whole. It can be the combination and the nature of this artwork that creates a fresh product.

This is what Ava Roth, a Canadian artist tried out for herself. She tried out an amazing composition of art, trying something that is not usually done and for this, she collaborated with another set of artists. But these specific types of artists are not human, no, not aliens or ghosts, but these are some of nature’s most amazing artists; Bees.

Yes, you must be wondering how can a human artist work alongside bees? Well, this is how she does it. She does all sorts of aesthetic designs including stitching, embroidery, collections of findings, and other stuff. Ava places them on Japanese paper which is then placed inside the hive, letting the bees take over on their part. The bees built their honeycomb all around her artwork making it a part of their honeycomb as well. To keep her art separate from the honeycomb, this artist places a frame that acts as a barrier in the honeycomb-making process.

Once it is done, it is a very aesthetically pleasing sight. Hand-crafted art bonded together with an actual honeycomb! It sounds very amazing. This artist releases her products under the series “Honeycomb Collection” and people just line up to purchase them. This is one of those artistic combinations that no one else has thought of before.

You don’t have to create something that is totally new. A simple collaboration like this is enough if it is aesthetic enough. Check out her work through the links below as you scroll down the list of pictures that we have collected for you. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Ava Roth | Instagram


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