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Artist Preserve Old Discarded Music Instruments As Lamps And Light Fixtures

Collecting old things is a hobby that a lot of people practice. Money, books, clothing, music records, so on and so forth. This is a very special story that we bring to you. This is Slava Korolev from New Jersey, USA. He has been doing a very special task of restoring discarded music instruments to a very antique style by incorporating light fixtures.

At first it might sound weird , but if once you take a glance at Mr. Korolev’s work, you are surely going to be amazed. His studio is named ‘Lightdents’, he restores old musical instruments using old pieces of lamps, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.

Scroll down to check out a collection of Mr. Korolev’s amazing work. Comment down your ideas about these awesome creations as you rank your favourite to the top.

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