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17 Pics Of When The Artist Takes Edit Requests Too Seriously

Photoshop is a very elegant software tool that is used for many sorts of photo manipulations, digital edits, creations, and so on. It is a very useful piece of software in the world of photography. Used to edit out the photos to clear out bits of errors, or corrections or even a bit of extra additions to the photos to make them look perfect.

People who have the knowledge to operate the software create amazing edits that look so realistic. So, people who do not know their way around this application get their work done by contacting the editors who know how to. It is a pretty interesting operation when guys like  James Fridman step into the playing field. James is a very talented and experienced editor and a digital designer. You might even have scrolled past some of his amazing work on the internet not knowing its creator.

But this set of editing will surely make you remember who James is. This British photographer started to accept photo edit requests but the catch is that he does take the edit requests a bit too serious. The results that come out as his replies are very hilarious that will make you laugh out loud every time.

You can send him your edit request as well. But make sure that you are sure about this idea because, once you send it, you may never know what might emerge out of the other end once it is edited, that too in public. But if you like to laugh and share your hilarious photo edit with the world, please go ahead, because laugh is the ultimate cure for a lot of things.

We collected a set of edits that James has posted online. These pictures that he does get a lot of viewers and shares for obvious reasons. Scroll down to check what we listed down for you. You can upvote your favorites to the top by upvoting and sharing your laughs & thoughts in the comments sections as well.

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