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Artist Use Metal Scraps To Create Eye-Catching Animal Figures

Creativity is something that leads people to create the most amazing things. It might be something small or maybe something that could change the world. It is all about a powerful imagination and the skill to make that happen.

This is a very creative concept that has been brought into action by Matt Wilson a very creative and talented artist from Carolina. He has his company Airtight Artwork where he produces his products with his co-worker Jacob Kent. You might wonder what this product might be. Wilson creates very detailed animals figures using nothing but scrap metal objects. That’s right, the scrap drawer right at your home has the potential to turn into a very beautiful animal figure.

Spoons, forks, keys, or anything that you might stuff in the scrap item drawer or you might throw away are just treasures for Wilson. He creates birds and other small animals with a huge amount of detail in a very clean and visible structure. You might be amazed by how wonderful these finished pieces look. 

At first, it was only the animal figure, but now as Wilson’s friend suggested they make backgrounds and stands in wood for these pieces as well. This new addition made the pieces look so elegant and valuable. Almost every item that is put out to the market is instantly sold. You might want to check out his website to know more about these amazing creations and if needed, where to purchase them.

These scrap animals have gained a lot of attention on the internet and photos of these items have been shared all across the world. So, we di=ecided to shed some light on this amazing creation by sharing some pictures of them with you. Scroll down to check them out and make sure to upvote your favorites to the top. Do not forget to comment your ideas down in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Airtight Artwork | Facebook | Instagram


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