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Artistic Ephemeras And Land Art Featuring Mandalas By This Creative Artist Is Truly Amazing

Mandalas are carefully drawn art, patterns which are laid out in perfect unison with each other. The balance and the uniformity itself is an art when you lay down the art. In some cultures it is considered a form of meditation where you concentrate on a repetitive exercise of creating art. 

This is a story of James Brunt who is known for a special type of art form. Even though most of the mandalas are drawn or painted, this Yorkshire based artist uses a different type of canvas and elements to create his art. He makes Ephemeral land art, where he uses elements of Earth; Stones, Rocks, Leaves or Twigs to lay out his perfectly designed art. He does his art in all sorts of outdoor locations such as woods, beaches and even at some local schools. His amazing art work is documented and printed to make it immortal once it is completed. He takes part in many of these nature-based activities such as large scale beach drawings, drawings for children and even  Responsible Fishing UK where they practice fishing in a way that they don’t exploit the sea harvest as many of the newer and bigger companies do.

We have listed down a set of these very artistic ephemeral art of Brunt that were posted online. Due to his usage of this specific elements and as well his involvement in other planet-friendly movements, these pictures of art work were shared pretty fast. Visit his website and social media accounts for more of his work. Please vote your favorite piece of art to the top when you scroll down the list below. Also, do no forget to comment down your ideas about them in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: James Brunt | Facebook | Twitter


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