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These Artists Re-Do Their Own Art To Show How Practice Works

Drawing and Painting are two very aesthetic forms of art that require a lot of focus and practice to acquire a proper skill in them. No one can become masters of art on the first they pick up a pencil or a brush. It takes time, commitment, artistry, and most importantly loads of practice.

Artists and almost everyone who has become proficient in their work know this and they too have experienced their results of practice. So, this turned into a challenge that was initiated by the DeviantArt website. It is a social website dedicated to artists. The plan of this challenge was to make artists, specifically in drawing and painting, to re-do their art from earlier stages of their art life. This will show everybody how much a person can improve within a span of months or years and that someone has to start from a lower place to become really good at something.

This can also be a boost of hope and confidence for themselves as well as budding artists who sees these pictures. The name of this challenge is “Draw This Again“, and we thought that sharing these posts under this challenge will help people all around the world to be confident in their earlier work and become a reason not to give up on what they love.

The pictures posted under this challenge include their earlier work and the re-done artwork side by side for comparison. There are a bunch of very interesting photos posted on DevianArt, so we decided to share some of them below this article for you.

If you are an artist who is struggling with your artwork, do not give up, the struggle is a sign of pure work and effort you put in. It takes time and focus to reach the heights you wish for. So, in the meantime, scroll down to check out these comparison pictures to see how far these artists have come. Upvote your favorites to the top and also let us know what you think about this challenge in the comments sections below.

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