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Astonishing Color Photos Of Paris Taken Over A Century Ago

Photography is one of the most amazing inventions the world has seen. It is simply because it has the ability to freeze time and document it in a photograph for all time to be seen by anyone. Before the camera was found, it was drawings and descriptions of things and people which was not completely accurate. But with photographs, it is exactly how everyone sees.

Here are some pictures of historical importance listed below for you. The specialty is that these are some of the first color pictures that were taken in the world. The person who came up with the ideas to capture these amazing photos was Albert Kahn who was a baker in Paris. He did it as a project which includes over 72, 000 photos, which was titled “The Archives of the Planet“. Deploying many photographers around the world he collected many pictures that were mostly colored. In 1914, Kahn had 4 photographers cover the city of Paris, to capture the first set of color pictures of Paris.

The pictures taken earlier were all black and white. But with color photos, the photographs just sprung into life. This set of pictures mark a special landmark in the history of photography and also one of the first sets of color photographs that captured Paris on camera.

Scroll down to view the photos that we have collected for you. You can comment on your ideas and thoughts about this project in the comments sections.

More info: Albert Kahn


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