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21 Before & After Photos Of Australian Bushfire Destruction

Australia went through an immensely terrible time when the bushfires of 2019 raged across the country. It was one of the biggest bushfires that the country has ever witnessed. The flames devoured a lot of trees, houses, towns and caused a toll of human & animal lives as well.

It was not a regular bushfire that we get to see usually due to the heat. These were created by a heatstroke that was recorded in most parts of the world. But Australia experienced it the worst. 10 million hectares were lost in the wake of these flames that ran over a lot of settlements, forests, and anything that was in its way. Firefighters and the authorities led international operations to put an end to these scorching flames.

A lot of people lost their homes, jobs, and some even their lives. People did not have time or any chance of preparation with the rate this spread over. So, only grabbing what they could take with them. Most people abandoned their homes to save their lives. Even the places that they sought refuge did not have a sign of relief since a huge area was covered with ash and blazing redness in the sky all day.

With a huge effort and cost, the authorities have managed to contain the situation and defeat the flames that took so much from Australia. A couple of years later, people are going about their lives and some may have even forgotten the incident of the bushfires by now. But these incidents were not things to be taken lightly. To look back at the horrific past that Australia has been through, we have some home pictures of places captured by some Australians. They show you the before and after comparisons of a few places that these bushfires passed by.

Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about these horrific incidents a couple of years ago. 


Written by Alex Bradley

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