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These 26 Awesome Food Illustrations Will Make You Crave Them

The world of art is a very competitive place, especially with the involvement of the internet. Budding artists have so much competition to keep up with if they do not want to get their content flooded over by millions of posts uploaded every day.

An architect by the day, an illustrator by night ( mostly the free time),  Lua Lazarovic is a budding illustrating artist who is trying to bring out her portfolio to the world of art. She has always shown interest and loved art before she stumbled across the fact that she has talent. But with her love for art, she started out to illustrate for her own entertainment until she realized that she do have a decent talent and skill.

This creative artist who is from the Netherlands has got her influence through pop culture that has tons of illustrations. So, she knew how to get around her creative ideas and how to execute them properly. With her experience of doing illustrations for herself, now she understands how to bring out the colors, texture and also how to illustrate exaggerated expressions.

Although she has not been able to make any big-time deals with any company or studio yet, she surely has what it takes to get there. Among all sorts of illustrations done by Lua, there is a special collection that caught our attention. She posted a list of ‘food’ illustrations on Bored Panda, which were mouth-watering to look at. The illustration had all the colors, texture, and everything to make it one yummy set of illustrations.

So, in order to appreciate this amazing talent and to provide more exposure to this budding illustrator, we collected some of the ‘food’ illustrations of Lua below. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections. You can also upvote the yummiest food among the bunch to the top by upvoting on it.

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