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Using Everyday Objects To Create Awesome Miniature Worlds

Every one of us lives in our own worlds, but how many of us build our own worlds? It will be awesome if we could build our own worlds and this artist in this article actually does build his own worlds!

Meet Péter Csákvári who builds his own miniature worlds. It all began when he was a chef on an island on the English Channel. With his growing fondness of food and he wanted to become a food photographer. After 10 years in the food industry, he started his photography journey where he got comfortable with macro-photography. This is the starting point where Péter began to cultivate the idea of a miniature world through his camera lens.

After a few solid years of photography, Péter started his journey of creating miniature worlds. Placing miniature models and props with different sorts of food, he still shows his love for food even as he creates these worlds. Using macro-photography, Péter brings these scenes to life with amazing skill. Soon his work took flight and now he is loved by a lot of people all around the world for his awesome miniature worlds.

With this new development of his career, Péter now holds exhibitions and shows all over the world showcasing his talent in creating worlds and capturing them on camera. He currently has moved to a new house to create a bigger project to create an entire city in his house, with the aid of a 3D printer to get his models printed per necessity.

This artist is one of those people who have pursued their dream until they have reached it. So, with a shoutout to all of his amazing work, we have shared some of his latest work that he has shared on Bored Panda. Make sure you visit him, following the links below.

Scroll down to check out these latest photos of Péter’s miniature worlds and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Péter Csákvári | Facebook


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