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20+ Creative Balloon Art Of Animals That Looks Like Them

Remember the time when you cried wanting a balloon animal that barely had the shape of any animal? Even though there were not many types of detail in the animal balloon art back in the day, we have stumbled across something very interesting.

This article is about an artist who brings back this animal balloon art nostalgia but in a very creative way. Masayoshi Matsumoto who is from Japan is the artist of this article. He is famous for creating very detailed balloon art of animals. Not sticking to the usual handful of animals, he explores into the animal kingdom, creating a lot of animal figures as much as possible.

His social media accounts are filled with his amazing sets of animal-styled balloon art. The specialty is that he does not use any sort of auxiliary support to create his amazing art. You will not see any markers or tape in his art. Even though he does not take any extra support into his art, they seem very detailed and real-looking than most of the balloon art that we find today.

You will get to see the legs, antennas, wings, beaks, and all of those distinctive properties of a specific animal in a detailed manner. This is the reason why this Japanese artist is popular all over the internet for his amazing skill in creating animal balloon art. A lot of people visit his profiles on different social media platforms to check out this ever-growing artistic portfolio. They show their love and share the pictures all over the internet.

So, we decided to share some of Masayoshi’s amazing balloon work under this article for you. Scroll down to check them out and you can upvote on your favorite balloon art to the top of this list. Please share your thoughts about this very skillful artist in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: Masayoshi Matsumoto | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr


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